Flat Earth – Evidence For The Cover-up (See Note)

NOTE: I was about to delete this video because the term “DOME” is used to indicate a featureless raised ice shelf over areas of Antarctica. However, when I went to check the veracity of the encyclopedia information (contained in this video) and what is now shown from NASA (of course & no-one else) regarding the location of 80 deg. South and 90 Deg. West, do NOT match. There is NO DOME located in this area of Antarctica at 13,000 feet, but this is where the term “dome” is used in the video. I will follow-up this video with more details.}

In this video, it is shown in a 1957 encyclopedia that it was CONFIRMED by aircraft flights at 80° South Longitude that A DOME EXISTS at 13,000 feet. Since then, of course, this information has been scrubbed from our textbooks and never taught at universities. Universities are simply indoctrination centers for or youth. It is time t end them as they now exist.

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