Horizon Drop at Varying Altitudes. Flat Earth Debunked.

Hydro-static leveling rig showing a horizon drop that gets more pronounced with altitude. This is consistent with a round Earth. A description of this experiment and the reasoning behind it can be found here:

Taken at:
Sea Level in Malibu, CA : 34° 2’21.38″N, 118°35’23.13″W https://tinyurl.com/m7pgot4
1200 ft in Malibu, CA : 34° 2’55.72″N, 118°37’23.19″W https://tinyurl.com/kjlx8ed
5600 ft at Mt. Wilson, CA : 34°13’21.52″N, 118° 3’46.07″W https://tinyurl.com/mpf9l6t

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