RE: Video Proof of Geocentrism and Flat Earth Theory || Flat Earth Analysis

Today we are talking about Flat Earth theory and Geocentrism. Apparently, one guy has video proof of a flat earth and the other guy has an experiment that disproves heliocentrism.

The first guy is pointing his camera at the sky and ignoring everything he was taught about looking at the Sun. He’s doing this to show us that the Moon and Sun occupy the same sky. This is easily explained in science because the Moon revolves around the earth and the moon in the sky with the sun is totally possible.

The second guy gives us an experiment that amounts to looking at a star map and a toy and claiming ignorance of astronomy. He says that we shouldn’t be able to use a star map because we are moving through the universe. Despite the fact that we are all moving and there is a drift but it doesn’t happen as fast as he thinks it should.

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