Flat Earth SunDozer II : Nasa can you Explain this ? [ SOHO FRAUD] P900 / P610

Nasa’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Fraud ( P900 / P610)
CGI all the time.
Another awesome catch with my Nikon Camera
bmlsbl great channel !!
nasa dont show us anything!!!
only bullshit story’s , the satellite broke down in 1998 and they installed new software , the soho satellite was about 1.5 million km away from earth when they upgrade thye software , lol can you believe that.
here some bs story
An unexpected loss of contact with SOHO occurred on 25 June 1998. Fortunately, the mission was completely recovered in one of the most dramatic rescue efforts in space, and normal operations could be resumed in mid-November 1998 after the successful recommissioning of the spacecraft and all 12 instruments. Despite the subsequent failures of all three gyroscopes (the last in December 1998), new gyroless control software installed by February 1999 allowed SOHO to return to normal scientific operations, making SOHO the first 3-axis-stabilised spacecraft to operate without a gyroscope.

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