Flat Earth – IPS = Satanic BS!

The infinite plane theory is no better then concave or pacman, they push it to divide and confuse the research!

You have to neglect Radio Propagation, Rainbows, Operation Fishbowl, Numerous Creation Stories & All the mockery for the last 50+ years in Media that point to a Firmament/Dome, anyone steering away from the research is against the truth!

Specially when they are connected to the occult that is behind the people lying to us!

People, don’t be fooled by the controlled opposition, they are coming from all angles!

Do your own research and Trust No One!

IPS Uses many names from Mark Sargent to Tim Ozman & Jack Larson!

Research : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Larson

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God Bless

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