Flat Earth | SpaceX BUSTED! 🚀 What Shape is the Earth from the Same Rocket?

✔Subscribe http://bit.ly/1UCqKlZ Totally Busted! Same Rocket, Same Altitude but two different cameras! What shape is the earth when you view it through a fish eye lens? Watch and see! The earth is not a spinning ball flying through space.

Yes, I agree the distortion from wide angle lenses messes up everything. The Red Bull footage is the same, however, they use it as proof of curvature which would make Arizona cover almost 1/4 or more of the earth if it was true. See https://youtu.be/FHtvDA0W34I?t=46s and pay attention to the next shot when he is outside. Regardless, it’s an argument that doesn’t prove ball or flat earth either way. It’s strange though that it is being used by many to prove the curvature when there is nothing through the scientific method that has been demonstrated yet that can verify any curvature.

Here is the Original SpaceX video if you want to see the entire launch. https://youtu.be/TmeZ0lMDkrw

The previous video I did on the UFO light or Scuba Divers in water?

Video Credit: Proof NASA lied about the dark side of the moon.

Flat Earth | SpaceX BUSTED! 🚀 What Shape is the Earth from the Same Rocket?

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