Ask a Scientist: Is the Earth Flat? 🌏

Kyrie Irving recently said that the earth is flat. Is this legit or not? ✔Subscribe

Irving isn’t the only celebrity who has said the Earth is flat. Shaquille O’Neal recently claimed it, although this turned out to be a joke. Rapper B.o.B. has tweeted about it too, but actually stuck to the idea. Back in January, B.o.B fired off a ton of tweets about the flat earth. This attracted the attention of famous scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and a rap battle was instigated. Seriously. You gotta Google this. B.o.B. and the Notorious NDT got into a rap battle about the shape of the Earth. And now Kyrie Irving, of all people, supports this idea? What’s going on here?

Ask a Scientist: Is the Earth Flat? 🌏

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