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The book of Enoch contains the ancient story of the giants, the fallen angels and finally the apocalypse of Enoch (aka 3 Enoch, the ascension of Enoch) as he ascends into heaven. Considered to be one of the oldest books in the world, attributed to the patriarch Enoch himself, 7th in line from Adam, and having been written before the flood, this book contains some of the most groundbreaking information ever recorded. Including, “the book of the course of the heavenly luminaries”, which maps out the perfect year, the rulers of the four major epochs, the exact natures of the movements of the planets and the sun and moon, and SO much more.
1 Enoch, Full Audiobook
Section I. From 00:00:01 To 00:46:30
Chapters I-XXXVI- INTRODUCTION – The Book of The Watchers

Section II. From 00:46:30 to 1:45:27
Chapters XXXVII-LXXI The Parables – The Vision Of Wisdom

Section III. From 1:45:27 to 2:16:57
Chapters LXXII-LXXXII The Book of the Heavenly Luminaries

Section IV. From 2:16:57 to 2:48:33
Chapters LXXXIII-XC. The Dream-Visions of Noah

Section V. XCI-CIV From 2:48:33 to 3:30:32
(i.e. XCII, XCI. 1-1O, 18-19, XCIII. 1-1O, XCI. 12-17, XCIV-CIV.).
A Book of Exhortation and Promised Blessing for the Righteous
and of Malediction and Woe for the Sinners. – For the future generations.
Then from 3:30:32 to 5:43:04 is 3 Enoch, the Ascension of Metatron.

You can read along with this text.
The link is the R.H Charles version, the one I read from in the film is from the Qumran Caves, but it was lost with my old cpu, so I can’t currently link it. If you read along from the R.H version, you’ll notice a few interesting differences.
I am making a piece about the Testament Of Reuben, which better describes how the fallen angels impregnated the daughters of men, and will link it to this film soon.
Thank you for your patience, and for watching (it took a long time to find the right imagery, and put it all together with no bad errors).
God bless you.

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