Flat Earth confirmed: The Tallinn TV Tower filmed over 47 miles away

The proof of a Flat Earth. It’s reality!
The Tallinn TV Tower was filmed 16th March 2017 from a distance of 76.5 km (47.53 miles).
I filmed in Helsinki (Finland) from a tower built for birdwatchers. It has a ground altitude of 30-31 meters from the sea level (98.43-101.71 feet). The total altitude of my camera lens was 37.4 meters (122.7 feet).

The Tallinn TV Tower:
Here you can find most of what you need to know about the height of the tower and other numbers also:
But you need also to know that the basement of the tower is 24 meters above sea level (78.74 feet):

I wrote an article about it in Finnish (you can translate it with Google translator if you like):

Add these coordinates to Google Maps or- Earth:
The bird watchers tower: 60.159078, 24.864832
The Tallinn TV Tower: 59.471132, 24.887351

The thumbnail picture of the Tallinn TV Tower is filmed from a ship with a distance of about 20 km (12.43 miles)… just an estimation.

The camera: Nikon P900

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