Flat Earth Caller Convinces Host Of St Louis’ #1 Radio Show Of A Stationary Plane??

This is the call-in, on 2516, that led to 21 more appearances on the Dave Glover Show’s, Paranormal Tuesday.



Here is the e-mail I sent to Mark Sargant, last year:

Hey there Mark.
For the last 6 months, I have had a unique opportunity to bring the Idea of a flat earth to to the greater St. Louis listening area.
Back in February, of this year, in the midst of the B.O.B V. NDT Twitter beef, a dj on my local Conservative talk radio station was covering DeSgrace’s mike drop. Being a listner to the show for over a decade, I quickly envisioned the common riducule and immediate dismissal of flat earth. Stepping WAY outside my comfort zone, I called in just to let them know that FE isn’t as easily dismissed as they may think. Intrigued, they kept me on the line through the break and the entire next segment. Before the end of the call, I was invited to come in-studio to make my case.
Now, for some back story on the show. This is a highly rated, afternoon drive, not-particularly-political, show. A long-time weekly segment is, Paranormal Tuesday. For years, Dr. Micheal Lynch was their guide through all things paranormal. Last year, Dr. Lynch retired. To fill the spot the shows producers had lined up a local ghost hunter and a local ufologist and a local “time traveller”.
Impressed, at least, by my ability to articulate my thoughts, I was asked to join the Paranormal tuesday rotation as the the local conspiracy theorist. Now that I have been available to them, I averaged 2 tuesdays a month.
This week I was bestowed the honor becoming the show’s “go-to” guy for Paranormal Tueasday. I now have a platform, on a FOX News affiliate, to slowly introduce flat earth into the mass consciousness.
To better engage listeners, I created a Twitter account. I was soon contacted by a dellow FE’r and invited to start a podcast. -insert drama here- Now we have a website, evolving podcasts, and are slowly building content.
Replacing Dr. Lynch on paranormal tuesday seemed like personal-milestone type stuff and I thought I would finally drop you an email and toot my own horn a bit and let you know that the paradigm IS shifting. With patient kindness the global lie will be exposed.
Thank you for your part in the flat earth revolution and helping me find a soap box of my own.
Josh Corey

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