1976 Logan’s Run – Flat Earth & NWO Dystopian Reality Predictive Programming From Decades Past

Not only are NWO themes like depopulation agenda, technocratic societies governed by A.I. (artificial intelligence) and the complete control of society shown in the media today, but has been shown to the world for decades. The luciferian elites of this world have been putting their dystopian plans for society out in plain sight for all to see. This is called “predictive programming” so that when it eventually comes about, many will accept it because it’s these ideas have been promoted time & again in pretty much all aspects of life, especially via TV & the big screen. Don’t be fooled as there’s simply NO technology or plan this world can offer you which can help you cheat death & attain eternal life. There’s no religious belief or philosophical system that can give you the rebirth that you long for. This can ONLY be found by putting your faith in Yeshua/Jesus because He’s the ONLY GOD Who has died for you & me.

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