IS EARTH FLAT OR A GLOBE??? Mohan Prabhu SB 3.11.14 Denver, USA

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.11.11-14 Mohan Prabhu. Denver. 022017
One of my HOT PICS for sure! Thank you Mohan Prabhu.
Three separate sections to this class.
4:42min– verse 14 & purport read in English
1st Topic– The need for proper understanding of the scriptures verses wrong perceptions and convictions. Blackmail Krishna.
15min– 2nd Topic: Time and Space. Topics of the Bhagavatam. Map of the Universe and Earth in relation to all the planets, sun, moon and the Pole Star.
24min– Ascending knowledge: ants only know 2 dimensions, so what about us?
36min– scientists use calculation formula from Vedas for planet distances
39 min–Gravity is a theory not supported in Vedas
41 min– 3rd: Story about Kolaveka Sriddhar and his love for Lord Caitanya.
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