How the sun and moon work over the Flat Earth model

This is a short segment from a much longer video I’m working on and it is being presented in response to the critics of my previous model showing the sun moving over the “circle of the Earth.” This video combats some of the usual arguments you hear against the idea of a smaller sun and moon moving over a flat Earth and how they “should” appear in the sky if it worked that way.

Videos referenced in this presentation:

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How the 4 seasons work on the Flat Earth model:

TFR – Revolutionary Radio with Zen Garcia: Flat Earth and the Firmament:

Flat Earth Proof: Horizons & Shrinking Sun:

Flat Earth Proof: Sunset off Phuket:

And here’s the balltard video which attempts to “debunk” FE:
Proving the Earth is not Flat – Part 1 – The Horizon:

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