Does the atmosphere solve “the problem of sunsets” on a flat Earth?

This is clip is meant to compliment the last video I posted called: Flat Earth and Atmospheric Magnification (short version):

When I did my experiments showing how cities can be obscured at a distance due to magnification and refraction, I realized that the same test could be done on the sun and moon. This video highlights both tests and shows how it is VERY possible for the sun and moon to rise and set over a flat Earth thanks to the huge volume of tiny drops of water vapor that are contained in the atmosphere. Don’t believe me? Do the test yourself and see!

Obviously, the more moisture that is in the air, the larger the potential magnification would be. Likewise, when there is less (or no) moisture in the atmosphere, you would observe the sun and moon get smaller as they set (as we have seen in other videos).

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