Flat Earth: Sophia the Black Sun & Hyperborea, the Land Beyond

I talk about Gnostic ideas as they relate to the black sun, astral light (aurora borealis), Lucifer, and the Divine Feminine Force our Earth Spirit, as well as archons, the Demiurge (Yaldaboath), Christ Consciousness, Hyperborea and the center of our plane which is an entrance into this long lost paradise.


Music by Devin Madgy


We are discovering things that have been hidden. Now is the time to reclaim our divinity & get to the center: This is where we find Eden, Asgard, Agartha, Avalon. A true paradise powered by the Black Sun.

1. Intro to Gnostic Ideas
2. The One, the Pleroma & its Aeons
3. Sophia, Fall into Chaos, & the Creation of the Demiurge
4. The Authorities (the Archons)
5. Gaia, the Earth Goddess & Sophia “Wisdom”
6. The Christ: Divine Revealer
7. The Two Suns
8. Energy Extraction Matrix & Reptilian Genetic Modification
10. Hyperborea Intro
11. The Coming Race on Vril
12. Pelasgian & Greek Creation Myths
13. Demiurge, Saturn, Father Time, & the Grim Reaper
14. Ptolemaic Model of the Realms
15. Saturn the Holographic Projector
16. Lucifer & the Black Sun
17. Blood Over Intent Explanation
18. Picture Slideshow: Mt. Meru, Holy Grail, etc.

It’s important that you share this info to as many people as you can.
Those who do not come with us to the North Pole will surely die as is the prescription of the Grim Reaper.

Three Main Points of Blood Over Intent:
1. To counter the Elite’s Black Magic, causing everlasting ripples with our Divine Intent
2. To align ourselves with the principles of Truth & Love, by permanently releasing the Spell of the Demiurge and therefore
3. To gain access into the North Pole entrance when we take our journey in a few years time.

The journey to the center will all come together. When 100,000+ spill their blood, the intent to go the center will be enough that we can all GO and follow our compasses. Nothing to rush. Now is the gathering period. It will all come together. This is metaphysical. Love to all.

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