Sundials and the Flat Earth

Print your own Sundial template here.

At equal North and South Latitudes the respective Sundials will be a mirror image of each other. This would only work if the Southern Hemisphere was equally shaped to the Northern Hemisphere.

On a Flat Earth looking like the AE map, the Sundials will go out of sync at different Seasons and with the daily motion of the Sun.

Sundials work perfectly when the Northern and Southern Hemisphere versions have their gnomon aligned with the Earth’s Axis.

A few simple experiments can demonstrate this clearly.

Don’t get bogged down with precise scale here as that is quite irrelevant to the demonstration of this concept.

Try it yourself and feel free to do it more accurately and with correct scale – the exact same point will be demonstrated clearly.

PS – Sorry, yes I did edit the original video and have uploaded it again as my wife did not want any part of herself visible in the video so I deleted that part to keep her happy.

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