Akashic Records Q&A: Donald Trump, Flat Earth, Underground Civilizations and Conscious Machines!

Two weeks ago I made a video about my experience with Akashic readings and asked all of you to post your questions! Today I reveal which questions I chose and the answer which was given by Kalabhairava, the Lord of time and space who guards and gives access to the Akashic Records! The Akashic Records are the cosmic archives of everything that have ever happened, are happening or will happen. Through the initiation of THE Avatar, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji, the Balasanths (child saints living in the residential Vedic school or Gurukul) are able to read out these cosmic archives as they are.

What effect will Donald Trump’s presidency have on the U.S. and the world?
Is the Earth flat or round?
Are there civilizations leaving beneath the surface of Earth?
Will machines ever have consciousness?

What do you think of the answers?

Please post the questions you want the Akashic Records answer to below! In a week I will do another video with the answers directly from Kalabhairava Himself! If you posted questions in my previous video and your question was not answered I will take that into consideration when choosing this weeks.

1. No personal questions.
2. Post new questions.
3. Get creative!

Thank you all for watching!
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(May you all experience and radiate eternal bliss)!

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