Flat Earth & The True Creation Of Mankind; Adam and Eve – The Crystal Sea & Our Light Body

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The Crystal Sea, The Acherusian Lake, and the Human Light Body.

The oral tale of Adam and Eve is considered the oldest story known to humanity. It’s origins can be traced and found (in one variant or another) in every corner of the plane and every culture.
Adam & Eve tells the story of humanity’s divinity & rightful place in a creation designed for us. It also tells of our fall from a heightened state of being into the fleshy, pain-filled material world, the loss of our light bodies, why this happened, & so much more…
Building line-upon line, principle on principle, it begins the story that eventually explains our purpose for being on earth. In this section I read from (1.) The First Book of Adam & Eve, http://www.gutenberg.org/files/398/39
(2.) The Life of Adam & Eve http://wesley.nnu.edu/sermons-essays-
and also (3.) The Legend Of The Holy Rood or AKA The Legend Of The Wood Of The Cross.
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