5000 Year Old Text Has Most Accurate Description Of Earth! But How?

The completed version is here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zwDzq9oRK8
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This is ‘The Book Of The Course of the Luminaries”, from 1 Enoch, contemporarily, we could call it ‘The Book Of The Stars’. Officially, depending on which version one reads, this part is called “The Course Of The Heavens”, or “The Course Of The Heavenly Luminaries””.
The Book Of Enoch, when combined with the information in the book of Genesis, gives the best description of earth ever written down, and puts NASA to shame. One might ask, how did a desert dweller between 3000-6000 years ago know this detailed information about earth? Including, how many types of deciduous trees are on earth, the real structure of the skies, sun, moon and earth, the weather and water cycles, among many other equally amazing, prescient observations?….. amazing stuff really. I think after combining this with Genesis and the rest of bible and the apocrypha it becomes clear that this is divinely inspired, with no other logical explanation even coming close. The Bedford Level Experiments and EVERY other empirical observation has proven earth IS flat. We don’t “‘think we should be able to see curve”” , from height, at any serious altitude, from ANY altitude, no-one (0 people) has ever seen any curve. It’s quite humorous really that you can’t deal with it. We don’t ‘care’ whether earth is flat or round or a purple zebra. We weigh both pros and cons of the argument, and there is simply ZERO evidence for a ball earth. Therefore, by default earth is a creation. Then who created it? or what created it? Only one source claims to be the one and only creator, the one and only true God above all others. Would such a being create the earth, humans, animals, all love, the stars, angels, the heavens….and then not leave any instructions? Would the instructions be a tangible written stone tablet, or might not the creator use the idea of faith, and pass his message through certain people… conduits… (biblically known as prophets), at specific times, who relate his instructions in an exacting, divinely inspired way….

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