Flat Earth Debate ~ TheMorgile Responds to Globber’s Arguments ~ 12/5/2016

This video wouldn’t have been created could I have simply replied to specific comments on one of my own videos, uploaded to my own channel. I’ve never seen anything link this, but the responses are specifically to VoysovReason, who I recently debunked in my “Thanksgiving Special” video linked here:

So instead of typing my responses to these comments and arguments from Voys, I am essentially forced to do-so in video-format thanks to a major problem with the threads on my YouTube video(s)(?).
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this debate, which was intended to cover 2 comment responses, but ended up covering a third, as I was yet again unable to reply to comments on my on damned channel (for crying out loud).

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Disproving Orbital Motion Playlist ( 00:08:10 )

The Fallacy of Gravity Playlist ( 00:11:40 )

Video Reference Links
(Possible Theories as to the MOTIVE of the GREAT DECEPTION): “Earth Not a Globe 3 ~ (The Motive)”

Link to AudioBook “Zetetic Astronomy ~ Earth Not a Globe”
Written in 1865 by Dr. Samuel Rowbotham
Playlist of audiobook in 15 minute sections:

Suggested Watch:
FLAT EARTH – Bending Light to the Edge of Reality

If you’d like to sign the Antarctic Treaty Petition, here’s the link:

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