FLAT EARTH | Halley’s Comet Documentary [Sec. 1] ~ (Dec 2016)

Hi All – This video is an in-depth study into Halley’s comet, scrutinizing the 75-year interloper using the accepted heliocentric values. I intend to show how the phenomenon of Halley’s comet is a theoretical impossibility in the Heliocentric model, for a variety of reasons explained in detail here.
I plane to make a second section to this video, covering my personal theories of Halley’s comet using a geocentric, static plane Earth matrix. This video is not intended to extrapolate on my theories, but instead to show how preposterous the heliocentric model is when objectively scrutinized by rational adults.

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Disproving Orbital Mechanics (Playlist) 1h:00:30s

The Fallacy of Gravity (Playlist)

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