The Jesuit Conspiracy – Flat Earth

Most of us think the Jews and Freemasons are behind the Globe Deception, but there are other players on the chess board. Keep an open mind and remember, the oldest tactic they use is divide and conquer. Topics: Jesuits Creation, Jew Puppets, Hitler The Jesuit Puppet, Karl Marx, Rothchilds Connection, Owners of the White House, Freemason Connection, Knights of Malta, Guy Fawks Mask.
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“Dedicated researcher, Johnny Cirucci, joins The Higherside Chats Podcast to make his case that the Vatican and the Jesuits sit atop the conspiracy pyramid. Johnny has his own online radio show called Resistance Rising on Blog Talk Radio, and is the author of Illuminati Unmasked, which goes deep down the Jesuit rabbit hole and chronicles Johnny’s research on the big conspiracy.”
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Other Jesuit conspiracy researchers: Eric Phelps, Jamie Lee, Bruce Hillyer…

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