Flat Earth Sunset Experiment: Air Density!! AWESOME!!

This video is to prove that a sunset can happen on a flat earth. Also in the video we explain air density, air gradient, perspective, buoyancy, false horizon, false water line, time lapse, ships over the horizon, suns diameter and impossible distances. This should without a doubt prove that the sun can set on the flat earth. Also it covers a topic, AIR DENSITY, that has not been discussed enough not even by Dubay and other well known publishers.

If you see a clip of yours that was used here, please let me know so I can link to it and credit you. Thanks to the community for all their hard work.

Lets wake people up to the false religion of “Scientism” and return them to the TRUE SCIENCE… EXPERIMENTS! Any “Science” immune to questioning and criticism is not a science, its a religion.

If you wish to comment please be polite and only debate the content of the video. No name-calling, crying, or generally acting like a baby. All arguments should be scientific, not emotional. No government schills allowed, if you are a schill go play on the imaginary ISS with your mason friends. This isn’t a forum to ask questions that have been answered in other videos. Please stay on topic! Thanks!

Video Credits (Contact me via PM to get added!):
1:54, 2:41, 2:45, 3:48, 5:32, 5:38, 8:47, are from the video- TIMELAPSE OF THE SUN PROVE FLAT EARTH – HD

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