Flat Earth Truth! – Polaris Addendum

A quick addendum to my previous video showing that, according to the flat Earth model, Polaris SHOULD easily be visible from everywhere on Earth….EVEN if the viewer is all the way at the “edge” of the flat Earth AND Polaris is only 3000 miles up. What new rules of perspective are the flat Earthers going to come up with now to “explain” how this can be?

Okay, flat Earthers, here is your chance to prove once and for all that the Earth is indeed flat: The Proof Project! ( 5

minute video: https://youtu.be/r-DagA2DjS8 ) Basically, it is an offer for flat Earthers to set up an experiment where

two teams (with an equal number of flat Earthers and round Earthers on each team) would head south from opposite sides of

the Earth – One from the eastern hemisphere and one from the western hemisphere – and then meet at the South Pole

After a cost estimate is obtained for such an endeavor, a crowd-funding campaign should be set up and then we can promote

the heck out of it so that lots of people can see the offer and donate to the cause.

Post Author: hatefull