EXPERIMENT RESULTS IN (Flat Earth) – Earth Precession Sun Camera

I finally was able to make a model which comes extremely close to the exact scale of the earth-sun distance, earth spin toward sun distance in one day, and angle of tilt of the earth’s axis. I tested the Northern Hemisphere observer in summer and in winter and an observer on the equator at the time of the equinox.

With a camera mounted to a mock earth, the model was spun slowly toward a distant light with the camera capturing video at a scale to within 1/1000th. percent of the actual model science has given us.

The experiment was conducted multiple times with multiple passes. All of the results came back the same for all three locations. The object of the test was to determine how the sun would appear to an observer on the earth given the science model of earth precession (light swap every 6 months). This video contains the actual footage with analysis and meaning of the results discussed.

I highly encourage as many as are able to repeat this experiment. The more witnesses the better. This is actually my second witness as I performed this exact same test months ago but not with the same care for scale as has been done here. Now, “The scale isn’t right” is no longer an excuse. Enjoy the findings.

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