Flat Earth December Solstice Sunlight Preview with Astro-Plate

According to Dateandtime.com Sunlight on December 21st illuminates the Antarctic Ring completely for about two months before and two months after. I have never seen how this could be possible above a Flat Earth until I applied the Astro-Plate. Even if this model does not work, the reflection off of the Firmament portion, it could be a key to theorizing how the cosmos work above a Flat Earth.
In this model, the Sunlight moving 1,000mph has to penetrate the 150,000ft thick Atmoplane (aka atmosphere) and depending on its angle of approach it will either be Daylight (between approx 50° and 90° angle: total absorption of light), Night (between approx 1° and 35° angle: total reflection of light) or Twilight (between approx 36° and 49° angle: refracted light).

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