Pastor’s Perspective 7/26/2016 – Flat Earth, Cherubim and More

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Today, join our host Robert Baltodano along with Pastor Brian Brodersen and author and apologist Don Stewart as they answer your questions.

Today’s questions include:

– How do I know when my prayers are being answered? And how do I hear the answers? – 7:14
– Do the four faces of the Cherubim represent the four gospels? – 10:08
– Why did Jesus tell Mary not to touch him, but told Thomas to touch him? – 12:18
– Will Satan have a sign to let his people know when the Antichrist is coming? – 14:35
– Is homosexuality wrong for women as well? – 16:55
– How do I know if I am saved if I cannot forgive myself? – 20:28
– Does the gift of tongues give you known languages or an angelic language? – 25:23
– How do we vote as a Christian? – 38:23
– Is the earth round or flat? – 40:30
– Does the Bible record women killing? – 42:16
– Are we still under the curses of the Old Testament? – 44:47
– When the rapture comes will the people who are left behind get a second chance? – 46:20
– How did Paul see Christ if he was already risen and Paul was blinded by the light? – 48:11
– How do I deal with people always coming to me with their issues at work? – 49:32
– How do I respond to someone who believes that Jesus died for our sins, but it wasn’t the pre-arranged plan of God? – 52:42


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