Flat Earth Debunked – Cruise Ship 200x Speed and Stabilized

My video of the Golden Princess Cruise Ship stabilized and at 200x speed kindly provided by David Ridlen.

I filmed the Golden Princess cruise ship leaving the Port of Tauranga at Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, on March 27 2016.

The Golden Princess is 177 ft tall and 950 ft long. The draft (from the bottom of the hull to the nominal waterline) is 26 feet.

The camera height was just over 7 ft above the water line and the total wave and swell height was less than 7 feet (as can be seen in the video). The camera was definitely above the total wave and swell height as can be seen in the video.

The ship sailed out soon before sunset and I continued to film the ship in the dark until the lights of the ship disappeared over the horizon.

Before it got dark, I walked the camera up on top of the hill above the beach with the camera still filming, so that we could compare how much more of the ship we could see from a higher elevation using the same amount of zoom.

I forgot to download the GPS data from the marine traffic ship tracker so am unable to provide the distance information.

If I get time, I hope to upload a short intro video outlining the key points in this one hour+ long video that I’m sure most people wont want to watch through in its entirety.


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