Flattening the Flat Earth Theory (The Earth is NOT Flat) Bible Buzz # 25

A linguistic study showing that the Bible does not teach a flat earth & harmonizes with ancient and modern scientific observations. In this video, we test the Flat Earth Claims in seven key areas:
Long Day of Joshua
Earth not moved forever
Heavens receding
The claims of Flat Earth fail in every area. If you have been ensnared by the false teaching of the flat earth doctrine, watch this video and then leave it. Just admit your mistake but don’t spend your whole life in pursuit of a fantasy. You need to understand that the flat earth doctrine is dangerous because it will derail some believe some believers thinking that to be believe in Jesus one must also believe in the flat earth – and the doctrine may derange others who become paranoid thinking everything is a conspiracy. I believe Flat Earthers may one day wake up and discover they have been in error but their Bible interpretation is so married to FE that they may not be able to divorce themselves. Get back on planet earth before it is too late.

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