The Most Beautiful Flat Earth Video EVER!

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All visuals and audio created by me. Airplane sound and Da Vinci’s drawing are royalty free.
Don’t look directly at the sun. Look through your camera using a sun filter in front of the lens to reproduce this evidence.


A cardboard pinhole camera has neither a lens OR a chip. I made one. I know. Took my own photos with my own handmade cardboard camera at age 15 using photo sensitive paper and made myself a little dark room in my bedroom. Developed pictures and everything. (commenter was suggesting cameras couldn’t be trusted because of chips inside)

If the earth is flat then why is the moon upside down when you look at it from the north pole vs the south pole? Google search full moon from different countries and you’ll find a direct correlation between the moon rotation and your position relative on a spherical earth. A rotation is not a vantage point change. You lose.

I’ve provided two naked eye proofs. One using the moon and another using the sun. And easy enough for ANYONE to reproduce themselves. That means you either have to A) explain my evidence in your model or B) provide naked eye proof to prove your own. You lose. Your flat earth movement is DEAD! Go try starting another cult. I’d suggest picking something that can’t be disproved so easily.

If a plane moves across you it gets bigger and smaller. If a cloud moves across you it gets bigger and smaller. If you drive past a mountain, it gets bigger and smaller. And yes, if the sun was moving across us, it would get bigger and smaller

Watch through to the end where there is a comparison between a photo of the sun directly above me and then the sun at the horizon. Not a pixel in size difference. Also… watch my moon video. This video only proves the orbiting relationship between the sun and earth. My moon video proves the earth is spherical

Don’t be fooled by lens flares. You have to use a sun filter to get a clear outline of the sun.

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