Flat Earth – King Arthur And The Giants Of Mt. Meru

Gerardus Mercator’s letter to John Dee From 1557
( 007 was John Dee’s little code to the Queen, it was a pair of spectacles… 007 )
Mercator, Mt. Meru, The Giants And The Arthurian Legends And The True North Pole.
Septentrional is latin for ‘of the north’. The Septentrional Isles, the real Thule, Ciliae –
This is/was one of my first videos, redone with better photos. Use pause to view the pics more in depth, I had to try to get all the beautiful maps related to the story in. This video details the written letter correspondence between Gerardus Mercator (of the Mercator map fame) and John Dee, (royal magician and first “spy” of England known as 007) in which the “inventio fortunatae” is mentioned, as well as King Arthur, Mt. meru and the center of the Earth, the North Pole. It details several expeditions and their observations at and near the pole, including the height of Mt. Meru, the indrawing seas, and the surrounding mountainous islands.
The info presented in this fits perfectly with, and supports my research into the Septentrional Isles, the North pole (the only Pole), and the Hieroglyphic Root linking all human language, ie the Sanskrit-Assyriobabylonian-Hindu Vedic-Phoenician(punic)-Egyptian(kushite) , (the root/progenitor of all languages on earth, or in the biblical sense, the Adamic language, a pre-babel script).

For more about the languages, and the race that spawned and predated the phoenicians and tartarians, check out my ‘flat earth – the oldest language on earth’ & the Thracian Heirolgyphic connection/contribution, watch… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8QKQX3h8kc
For more about the Giants at the pole, the 36 towns built for them there, and the Aryan-Vedan language connection, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCpTBl5w0Ng the book of giants explained.
And also about language, (probably the 2nd most important info about heiroglyphs) there is my ‘flat earth – Atlantis Survivors Conspiracy and the Antediluvian Deluge” playlist – ” it contains Harry Hubbard and Paul Schaffranke’s dissection of the Punic Egyptian glyphs found in America. They use artifacts found in the U.S from the actual Ptolemaic dynasty, including Pliny the Elder, King Juba II and the son of “Alexander the Great”, “Alexander Helios”. In this film they prove that Egyptians from their dynasty were an influence in the America’s long before our current understanding holds, and that they were in the Americas at least since the death of Cleopatra, if not much earlier. that video is here… https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmeI9EAo8ADOgHhsx4CXCT-Mi6LlAEXQI

Mt. Meru And The Indrawing Seas – Mercator to John Dee – Flat Earth.
originally aired on my channel ‘flat water’ in 2015.

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