FLAT EARTH PHILOSOPHY: Why radical ideas, constructs and models are rejected!

If bonafide, convincing physical and visual evidence is produced and verified by the collective masses – who do not believe in the flat earth construct; there could be 100s millions, if not a billion people or more Copernicans believers [mainly scientists in every field and government leaders] who might commit mass suicide, because everything they have been told and learned has been a massive lie.

The non-scientist will resort to barbaric violence against every flat earth believer, who will be foolish and stupid enough to laugh in the face of the Copernican believers and they will be massacred in droves.

Vice versa, if the same evidence is produced to prove the ‘entire’ earth is not flat and only the landmass is proven to be relatively flat and undergoing flattening, the same would apply in reaction. Both beliefs will die with all of those who will lose their minds and be made laughing stocks, by those who have been telling all of you…..”I fucking told you so and you didn’t want to listen and consider it as a viable and plausible option for serious consideration!!”

Like Jeran says at the end of every single one of his videos, “Open up your mind…there’s truth inside!” That’s the only thing I have agreed with him on thus far, other than the comments and views shared on religion, as a whole!! LOL!!!

Post Author: hatefull