How Big Is The Earth? Earth’s True Size And Shape (Flat Earth)

The “Bedford Level” experiments and many more examples have proven that the earth’s water and oceans are flat and level. Therefore the earth IS a stationary plane. This video describes the true basics of earth’s shape and rough proportions.
This document was written by Rowbotham before the turn of the 20th century, yet, amazingly, because of NASA’s deception, the “old tome’s” description of the earth is still about as much as we know about the breadth, depth and extent of the tertiary plane. Yet due to the wonderful ingenuity of intellect of Mr. Rowbotham and his cohorts, their methods of measurement render a very accurate approximation. Certainly better than the lies of NASA or any heliocentric school.

From Zetetic Astronomy by Samuel Birley Rowbotham.

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