BEST FLAT EARTH VIDEO deniers pull hair out with both hands nothing can oppose centrifugal force, no such thing as gravity, just buoyancy and density, ‘gravity’ can’t even stop a tiny air bubble from rising, moreover, don’t be fooled by angular velocity arguments used as excuses as to why you can’t feel the fake spin, this is based on rpm which is based on radius and is totally irrelevant, mph and rim velocity is what determines the destruction of spinning objects, case closed welcome to flat earth 😉

you do the math, rpm is the same at the center of a wheel–the slowest moving part–as it is at the outer edge–the fastest moving part, it is a useless parameter, a trick that has obviously fooled many into the nonsense that earth is going so very slow, when in fake reality it goes 1000 mph at the equator, get on a motorbike and tell me 100 mph “constant speed” is not noticeable?

UNBREAKABLE RULE THAT BREAKS THE BACK OF GLOBE-HEADS: you know my video above that proves the bigger you are the slower you can safely spin before destructing well it features the trent 900 jet engine: the trent 800 fan blades are 110 inches, trent 900 fan blades are 116 inches, trent 800 goes 3300 rpm, trent 900 goes 3000 rpm, trent 800 rim speed is 1079.3 mph and trent 900 rim speed is 1034.7 mph big smile on my face 😉 if you think earth is spinning 1000 mph you need to give your head a shake 😉

PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO SPIN: play time is over, i will be making another blockbuster video, LoL, for solid cast iron flywheels, you need to decrease 1 rpm for each 6 inch increase in size, so, a 33 foot diameter flywheel can only safely spin at 2 rpm, your sand and water spinning dirt ball diameter is 41,849,280 feet, which means that it cannot spin at all or it will break right away due to its size, there is no safe spin speed whatsoever, learn to do math properly and stay out of school 😉 _*CHECKMATE?*_ [GOES TO VIDEO ABOVE] v=KaXnWbyxVr4

Here is the follow up video on angular velocity: [CENTRIFUGAL FORCE & GRAVITY MYTH DO NOT MIX ANGULAR VELOCIY IS RPM not speed] v=LdBxrueBxeY

Paper Organist 5 days ago (edited) +vhsjvc Ppl with mental issues dont like them to be revealed. Thats why they are so angry, when their stupidity and lack of common sense is shown. Beside this, beliver dont like when you prove that his religion, which he considered as rational and “scientific”, is stack of BS. That really hurts.

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