Flat Earth “Working” Model? (1-OF-3)

A video to show the blatant double-standard that is NOT discussed enough, if at all.. In terms of a geological “working model”, “Spinning Sphere” Vs “Static Plane” is NOT a battle of theories, but a battle of truth Vs “global” hypnotism . The heliocentric model obviously DOES NOT WORK, which has been demonstrated repeatedly, however (for some reason) the “globists” claim that without a “working” model then the Flat Earth *”Theory”* is unfounded and indeed hypocritical. It’s important to point out that the “Heliocentric” THEORY indeed lacks a working model, as our reality doesn’t match the theory.
The purpose of this video is NOT to show a “working” flat Earth model, but instead to demonstrate and discuss how (in reality), we don’t have a “working” geological model, globe or plane. The FLAT EARTH truth is obvious and self-evident, however the mechanisms of the vast Earth as a whole are not fully understood. Perhaps there are aspects to this mystery that are not intended for us to understand, however we can certainly rest easily on the stationary pillars of the FLAT EARTH. We must not fill-in the gaps of our misunderstandings with theory or conjecture ~ which is indeed what got us into this whole mess in the first place. God bless and cheers.

~ Special thanks and dedication to Cindy-Lou

Post Author: hatefull