my first year film at calarts!

so this project started out with me trying to convey a vague uneasy feeling ive had for my entire life through a surrealist narrative.. its evolved and changed a lot since then but i think the heart of that is still there

i made most of the film by drawing the characters digitally for each frame, printing each frame out, cutting out each frame and putting the shot together on a multiplane… any shot with the stop motion puppet had to be put together on a stop motion stage…
this film was an insane amount of work and stressed me out a lot.. but now its over and i like it! i like the end result. but im sick of it

so many people helped me out but i wanna thank specifically Jason Richards for being an amazing composer and makin perfect music… Kesiah Manival for buildin my pink guy puppet… Ben Zell Reicher for makin that sick cg flat earth shot at the end… Rob Gilliäm, Aster Pang, and Victoria Vincent for the super fun voice acting… Kai Lynn Jiang for being amazing in general and helping me out with cutting and printing… Mollie Ong for amazing story advice… Cooper Babbes for helping convert it to vhs… everyone who looked at my animatic and gave me feedback (i credited you all in the actual video)… Paul Vester, Sean Buckelew, my film workshop class… and everyone else who’s been so supportive and amazing!!

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