5 Serious Problems for Heliocentrism but not for Zeteticism. Flat Earth Revolution

Flat Earth is a scientific (zetetic/empirical) revolution. And it is a political and religious revolution, as well. Flat Earthers need to understand the revolutionary science they are dealing with, and that flat Earth SOLVES or AVOIDS hard problems to do with heliocentrism.
Here is Truth is Stranger Than Fiction’s wonderful video that sparked me to make this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ec7u….
My Zetetic Eye Gyroscope model can be viewed at www.Zeteticism.com.
I am aware that Jeranism just did a vid on moonlight NOT cooling objects, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSHs2_116JQ&nohtml5=False, but I don’t agree with that yet. Rather than explain my reasoning, thought i’d save time and paste a vid I just left on Jeran’s video right here:
**Jeran, good vid, but was hoping you could have repeated with plates and all the initial stuff. I did my moonlight experiment INSIDE my living room, with magnified moonlight, and did get a big temp. change. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpMBW2lKKk0. I am not saying your results are wrong, or mine are right, I am just throwing this out there. I will do mine again in a few days on full moon and put on YT. Been meaning to do mine again anyway, since mine had a strange thermometer reading early on. Peace.**
Also, here is a link to the Wikipedia article about the issue mentioned starting at 3:30 in this video, the two galaxies that appear to share matter but are not supposed to because of Big Bang theorization: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NGC_4319. It is explained away in the Wiki article by the Hubble Space Telescope– in other words by information that can’t really be verified but by more than a few people– that is, NASA-like information, which is non-scientific if not verifiable. It’s preached as scientific, the pillar of science, by the big money mass media, but in terms of the philosophy of science, it is non-scientific information.

Also, here is an interesting conversation about tidal locking that was on the comments before comments were turned off:

I really don’t understand you confusion regarding tidal locking , namely when you say “why does one face show yet is moves around the earth” This is confusing, if the moon spun on it’s axis and yet had a geostationary orbit, we would see every side of the moon. It’s because of it’s SPIN on it’s axis and it’s orbit we see the same face, it’s not a perfect setup hence why over time we can see 59 percent.

+Termin I am just confused on if the Earth’s supposed gravitational pull is responsible for locking the 59 percent we see, why didn’t it also slow the moon down from going around the Earth? So gravitation supposedly pulls on the spin but not the orbit? Maybe, but seems too theoretical for me to swallow. Academics can’t even come up with a theory, let alone any empirical model, as to what the moon is and where it comes from, so inventing a theory like the moon was orbiting fast and slowed through the eons while the spin slowed with respect to the Earth’s surface, seems just very ad hoc.

What do you base your assumption on that it doesn’t have an effect on the both the moon’s spin and orbit ?

+Termin The distance the moon is from Earth, according to heliocentrism, means it has a certain range of orbital speed possible, lest if fling out into space if going too fast, or fall into the Earth of going to slowly. Can’t be much more or less in velocity than it is now, so why believe it ever was going much faster than now, but if not, then we have the situation where it seems tidal locking affected spin but not orbit. Just does not add up.

That wasn’t my question. What is the basis for you assumption the moon movement, both spin and orbit is effected by the earth ? Seems to me you are basing a lot of assumptions on things you don’t know, instead of what you do know. And really none of this has anything to do with the first post, which is why are you confused that the moon’s spin keeps one side facing the earth ?

+Termin That’s the theory of tidal locking: spin and orbit slowed by gravitation. The larger body’s gravity can lock the smaller, apparently observed all over space, but seems the observed bodies area always violating the theory, like the moon, should have slowed it’s orbit, but did not. I asked professionals about this when I was studying at MSU, and they just said the same thing they do today: nobody has a clue about the moon, it’s an enigma. That’s not a problem, and I appreciate their honesty.

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