Flat Earth BUSTS Google Earth! (Prove It Yourself)

Google Earth’s measuring ruler is 100% based upon a FLAT EARTH! There is no question about it. You can prove this yourself by making an equilateral triangle on a piece of paper or flexible cardboard. Make sure the angles are all at 60 degrees and all of the lines are equal. According to the math, when you conform the equilateral triangle to the globe, there will be “spill over” as a flat geometric shape will not fit right when forced onto a globe. This is correct as you will see when you go to place your triangle on a globe. When you mark the points (use as large a triangle as possible to match three land points) you will find that if you measure carefully, a globe, based upon a sphere, should be hundreds if not thousands of miles off. You will soon discover when you draw your triangle ruler points on Google Earth, the mileage between the cities will all be nearly equal. This means it is a FLAT EARTH according to Google Earth.

Again, try this yourself. Also, can anyone find a triangle calculator which will tell you the lengths of the sides of a triangle on a sphere? Are they purposely hiding the math to hide the flat earth? Think about it – so far, nobody, even engineers have been able to predict the sides of a triangle on a sphere with a base and two sides given. This should be easy but can’t be computed (evidently anywhere).

Also, a look at more of the fake everything about the ISS. A short but compelling clip shows how fake it really is. It should only take one falsehood or lie to be picked up to reason that the whole NASA and government ordeal is BS! A lie!. Only one lie should wake up the sheep. However, I guess we know why they are called sheep. The education system not only has hidden and misdirected us against the true flat earth we live on, but it also has kept our people from being able to accept the fact that they can be lied to.

Video: Who Forgot to Spin The Earth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-m8Wsg6Kuk

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