#FAIR USE# – 2016 “Flat Earth” – I propose a rather simple way of TESTING THE GLOBE – to either PROVE or DISPROVE if we live on a SPHERE – or on a flat, stationary earth.
All that is needed is a way to circumnavigate around a Southern Parallel – to “test the globe” – to see if the numbers are correct – or if we’ve been LIED to.
On the back of the 1920 John George Abizaid Stationary, Flat Earth Map – there is a simple way to PROVE that we DO NOT live on a globe.
I use the 33° South Latitude in this video as a way to throw that number back in their faces & mock tptb.
Mr. Abizaid, Gleason, Voliva (& others) claimed the distance around the SH is far greater than the distance around the same latitude in the NH, which PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that (incontrovertible evidence) that we DO NOT live on a SPHERE.

We’ve had endless “Flat Earth” talk & speculation. The time is NOW for SOMEONE to step up and form a SAILING expedition.

I’ve also looked at the 56° Southern Latitude… (all water) and ONE SHIP… set sail from the Southern tip of South America – and travel around in one big circle – if the ship can stay on the 56° Latitude line the entire time, it will prove the earth is not a globe because the circumference will be much greater around than what the globe model claims.

The distance of this journey should end up being two or three times greater than what the globe model claims it is.

Plus, sailing around the S 56° latitude would not require permission from the “Antarctic Treaty” because there will not be a need to cross below the S60° Latitude into the “Southern Ocean”. No vessel can enter waters below the S60° without permission.
So, an expedition like this should not need to deal w/jumping through the many Antarctic Treaty “hoops” – as the vessel would not be going anywhere near making an approach towards “Antarctica”.

It would simply be taking a cruise around the S56° southern parallel – to see if the distance we’ve been told is correct.
If the mileage is far greater than it should be… then “the globe model” will have been proven to be false!

Thank you,
Chippy ☺

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