Flat Earther tries to prove flat Earth but actually proves a Curved Earth!

I just had to make this video in response to one that was made to disprove the round Earth.

Here’s the original. “Horizon Zoom Boom Earth Flat ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8athT

Check it out and just think about the Earth being 360 degrees around to cover the total 25,000 mile circumference and how many degrees you would actually have over a mere 20 miles or even 50 or 100 miles that someone could film with a telephoto lens from the beach!

.0144 degrees!
It wouldn’t even be one tenth of a single degree and therefore looking across the bay at buildings you will observe basically ZERO DEGREES of tilt of the buildings!

His video did however prove a round earth since a few feet of sea (horizon) was obscuring the entire ground plane and lower section of the buildings seen across the bay. And that was even with his camera being set up several feet above the actual sea level.

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