Flat Earth: Sphere Triangle Proof Experiment – Video #2

So, “they” say, you can’t have 180° triangle on a sphere? Something about spill over? That’s cool. If it is impossible on a globe, and we DO IT in real life and it works, then that proves it is flat! If we are literally “under water” then it is a globe (or possibly concave). However, the results will be easy to read.

In the first part of the experiment proposed for determining if the earth was a globe or flat, we showed that according to science, you can’t have a 180 degree (or less) angle on a sphere. Why not? What the truth is that you can’t have an isosceles triangle without “spill over” for a lack of a better term. However, I am PLEASED that making a triangle of 180 degrees is impossible on a sphere according to the authorities. Why? Because if we then make and demonstrate a 180 degree triangle, and the distance is equal on all sides, then it is not a sphere but a flat plane. If, however, two of the legs (not the base line) are only 80% the length of the base, then we live on a sphere. In addition, if we make the distance large enough and close enough to sea level, the curve ofthe earth should intefere with being able to lay-out this triangle without interference from the curve. In this case, over water, the water would get in the way of being able to see three points, near sea level, with a sufficient distance between the three points.

However, the most powerful application here will be to apply this to the sun, it’s speed, and distance from three points on the earth at any given point. If we find that the distance is shorter on two legs of the triangle (both legs opposite of the base) then this would confirm either a concave concave earth OR a flat earth surface. Even slight convex or concaveness should be accounted for with this experiment. In the next video, the proposed sun over the earth will be proposed.
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