“Flat Earth” Debunked! 50+ Reasons The Earth Is NOT Flat! Globe Earth Proof

See: http://www.vaticancatholic.com Say goodbye to the fake ‘Flat Earth’ Theory! See most of the Flat Earth arguments debunked in this video. Proving the earth is not flat, or debunking flat earth, is simple and easy. See why the notion that ‘the Earth is not a sphere’ is preposterous and patently false! Many of the points made in this video were tested against members of the Flat Earth Society, including the horizon, curvature equations, lighthouses, zeteticism, etc. Many people have said that “Flat Earth” Debunked! 50+ Reasons The Earth Is NOT Flat! Globe Earth Proof has helped them a lot! – In this video I will first briefly discuss some problems with, and deceptions of, prominent Flat Earthers and the Flat Earth movement, and then I will cover the 50 reasons why the Earth is not flat. Samuel Rowbotham was the first person to use the pseudoscientific method called Zeteticism for “Flat Earth research”. Instead of starting with a question and a hypothesis which are then tested or falsified as in the scientific method, Zeteticism relies solely upon the experience, observations and conclusions of the tester. Such a method does not prevent self-deception or delusion because it does not seek to test or falsify the conclusions of the tester. Zeteticism allows errors to go unchecked. For example, Rowbotham believed that moonlight is dangerous and that it caused a boy to lose his eyesight because he slept in the field in the bright moonlight. Eric Dubay is an aggressive Flat Earther who also teaches demonic yoga, is anti-Christian pro-Hitler, blasphemes Jesus Christ by saying that he was a magic mushroom, believes in the occult and that reality is an illusion. He also dressed like a woman in a video and plagiarized at least 28 of his “200 Proofs of the Earth is not a Spinning Ball.” He might be a paid actor. Dubay also accuses almost all the main people in the Flat Earth movement of being paid shills, yet we are supposed to believe that he is not. Matt Boylan claims to be a whistleblower who used to create fake pictures for NASA. He claims to have inside information that NASA is hiding the secret “truth” that the Earth is flat, and is promoting the idea that the Earth is a globe instead: “and there was a party, at somebody’s cottage in the Hamptons, and the power went out and it was about, say about 1 o’clock in the evening, and there was one gentleman who was friends with this guy – he was this consultant for the US Defense department now this guy was basically a friend of my superiors and a colleague – they were listening to him. He seemed to be like kind of like this guy who was just this weird – i thought he was some sort of nut – he was basically just like picking apart everything that they know that they say everyday in the office. He was basically explaining the flat Earth and how it works, and he literally drew the UN flag… they think could convince me it is flat, and what was creepy about the whole thing is that they were more laughing at me for not getting it. It never went back to being a ball with these gentlemen, that night.” However, Boylan is an actor: “Maggie… I knew it… oh, you wanna go… Where’s the girl?… What girl?… Maggie… There’s no one Maggie here.” He was also in a semi-pornographic show called ‘Bodypaint Illuminati.’ Patricia Steer interviews various Flat Earthers. She dresses in various costumes in her videos, such as a pagan. Some of her guests also where bizarre costumes. These people obviously don’t want to be taken seriously and appear to be actors. According to the Freemason, Andrew Prescott, Freemasons formed Zetetic societies to engage in anti-Christian and scientific debate – Watch “Flat Earth” Debunked! 50+ Reasons The Earth Is NOT Flat! Globe Earth Proof (for full transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qhl5c354Btc7sdnnpVab7fZjUkbh0aGBi2U7ry-_UwE/edit?usp=sharing)

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Note: 8:07 and 9:05 should say “flat earthers have no realistic explanation for…”

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