100% KNOW if the Earth is A Globe Or Flat – It will soon be over!

An amazing idea which came from Dave, “The Edge”. This is why it is good to brainstorm together. The roots of this went back to talking about the midnight sun video and how the angles would be different on a ball than on a plane. We were trying to figure out camera speed and then Dave got this brilliant idea. Its all in the math. Is the earth a globe or flat. Using simple math, we can now know – 100% for sure. We can do this. We will do this. You can prove this will work for yourself – just get a rather large ball and confirm this yourself. It doesn’t matter where you start or finish. The north pole on a ball can be rotated to the equator and you will still get the same results. On a flat plane, a triangle with 60 degree angles will always give you equal lengths. On a ball, one side will ALWAYS be 20% larger than the other two sides. You can’t use a calculator because they don’t want us to confirm it. But we can! Th rules apply to a sphere of ANY size! This is it – we will put this to rest for sure – Empirical evidence is at the door step. A good laser or a decent length of rope and directional phones even will do the work.
Spherical Triangle Calculator: https://rechneronline.de/pi/spherical-triangle.php
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