Stars Are Just Lights In The Sky – FLAT EARTH

Exploring the mysteries of the heavens above… Who is with me?
Our astronomical priests at NASA tell us that stars are actually distant Suns TRILLIONS of miles away all with their own solar systems, planets, moons etc. Do any of these stars look like a “Sun” to you? Have you ever seen the Sun twinkle and change color like this? Do you really think the stars I filmed are trillions of miles away?
NASA says the closest star is 25 trillion miles away. Do you really think I could zoom in this close on an object 25+ trillion miles away!?
In slow motion you can clearly see most of them constantly changing colors like a prism cycling through every color of the rainbow. Every star is unique. Some are not that colorful, but are translucent, and more flickering than twinkling.
Watch the video… Still think stars are suns trillions of miles away? If yes, then you’re brainwashed!
And if no, then welcome to the True Reality! :}

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