For Flat Earth and open minded people ONLY: Satellite locations?

Dish is very picky, if you move it slightly, the signal is weak. Now in 6.66 miles to the tower, that could miss the tower by a 666 yards. Moving it slightly if point at a satellite in the southern hemisphere could miss the satellite by 666 miles. LOL. If you believe in Flat Earth, then satellites do NOT exist. This is another low tech look at satellite dishes and where they point. Never heard of satellites only being in the southern hemisphere cause we know ISS route is in both hemispheres. WHY do we even need a big network cable under the sea if we have satellites? EVEN if you believe in satellites……try the experiment and see if there is a tower that your dish is pointing to. Are there in fact satellites pointing North? Are some stationary and some travel along the orbit of the earth and if so, wouldn’t Direct Tv loose it’s signal for a second or two?

Post Author: hatefull