All The Dirty Chemtrails – Chris Wrock – Anti-Chemtrail Music (Flat Earth)

Yes. This is an ANTI-CHEMTRAIL song. Flat Earth brought me into more awareness of the completely evil things that are going on all around us and even above us today. I guess I am taking the advice of a few smart folks and branching out into other conspiracies, as we all should. I hope you enjoy the song, and if you do then please subscribe and thumbs up this video. Share this video and let’s spread the word about the dirty, evil chemtrails.

Special thanks to my friend Jonny B. Flat for helping with the lyrics! This song is awesome if I do say so myself! Let’s make it viral!

This video is in response to Alex Alexander’s video “Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH”” which can be viewed here;

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Chemtrails Here is your proof 100 Real MUSTWATCH
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