Pt 2 [4] – Flat Earth: Gathering Powers (Manifestations beneath the Dome)

Part of the ‘Flat Earth & Apollyon’s Key Series [new playlist here:]
Angelic Manifestations in the Firmament above ..
**Note – spellings are in English English, not US English .. 🙂
Also .. I’ve put the dates in the correct ascending order, day/month/year as used by the majority of the World, except for the US (sorry my American friends ..)

Included are a couple of my theories, one being that what one sees in the Heavens, another person’s eyes will interpret differently .. the same can be true of the camera/scope lenses they use ..
manifestations can be personal in nature both on Earth & in the Heavens, what our eyes are allowed to see depends on the subject’s discretion towards the onlooker ..

thanks for all the feedback and encouragement, I really appreciate it .. I do this to try and reach people as time is so short, it’s my only priority, I’m not into self-glorification or notoriety among the conspiracy movement – ALL GLORY TO YESHUAH .. I know my Redeemer lives!

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BIG thank you to those who helped already and to those of you encouraging me to carry on with this work ..

Flat Earth & Apollo’s Key Pt 1 – Connecting the UN Flag with CERN:

Flat Earth & Apollyon’s Key Pt 2 – the Firmament Dome:

Blancmange – Living on the Ceiling (INTRO)
Bishop – Wild Horses
Isan – Cutlery Favours
Tribe Society – Kings
Fred V & Grafix – Constellations
James Newton Howard – Solomon Vandy / Seventh Heaven – Dreamcatcher
Jason Upton – Fly (with Angelic Overtones?)
Koda – Falling into Bitter Ends
Beck – Re-imagines David Bowie’s Sound and Vision
Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There?
Luke’s Last Recording – John 15:1-2

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