Reggie Watts Flat Earth Message on TED. MUST WATCH

MUST WATCH – Reggie Watts on TED. He gives a subtle truth about the flat earth. Partial transcript below. (my comments in parentheses)

That’s something you live inside of every day. Now with the allocation and the understanding of the LACK of UNDERSTANDING (Truth about the Earth), we enter into a new era of science in which we feel nothing more than so much so as to say that those within themselves, comporary or non-comporary, will figuratively figure into the folding of our non-understanding and our partial understanding to the NETWORKS OF WHICH WE ALL DRAW OUR SOURCE AND CONCLUSIONS FROM. (the source is the lying leaders, force fed education systems, television, etc)

So, as I say before the last piece, feel not as though it is a SPHERE (ball Earth LIE) we live on, rather an INFINITE PLANE (Flat Earth TRUTH) which has the illusion of leading yourself back to the point of origin. (The illusion that you could hypothetically walk around the ball earth back to your starting point, but you can’t because the earth is not a sphere, but is actually a flat plane.)

Once we understand that all the SPHERES (ball Earth LIE) in the sky are just LARGE INFINITE PLANES (Flat Earth TRUTH), it will be plain to see.

This is my final piece. And just remember, everything you are — it’s more important to realize the NEGATIVE SPACE (outer space doesn’t exist), as music is only the division of SPACE; it is the SPACE (the existing space on earth) we are listening to divided as such, which gives us the information in comparison to something other that gives us the idea of what the idea that wants to be transmitted wants to be.

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Seek the truth in Yeshua (Jesus), repent and get baptized in the name above all other names, King Yeshua and receive the gift of the living Holy Spirit.

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