Hopefully this warning is for no reason – but better safe than sorry. All of a sudden, in my playlists of Flat Earth videos, I am seeing deleted and “Private” video’s in my play list. It makes no sense whatsoever for anyone posting flat earth videos to suddenly make them private. I received an actual message from YouTube today warning me that videos in my playlists are being deleted. A warning I don’t ever eemember getting before. What has changed? Wit Twitter announcing that it will no be in the censorship business and YouTube announcing in July of 2015 that it also would be censoring material, I think it is prudent to be safe than sorry.

If you have the room on your computer nd the knowhow, if you could take what you believe ot be the best FLat Earth video’s out there and save a few of them, this might help protect against a sudden onslaught of censorship against flat earth. The censorship will be here. It is a matter of when. I am hoping this warning is too early but one day it will change. If enough people download and save enough videos from sudden depletion from the public access, it could help keep the truth we’ve uncovered from going back on a closet shelf and the door closed for future generations to stumble upon. We can help to eliminate that possibility. It is a way for all to contribute to the cause.

For those who use Firefox, there are add-on extensions which allow for easy, one click “down-loads” of videos. For those who are savvy in explaining to the public how to use such extensions and how to do it using other browsers as well, making that part of a comment to help others would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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