FLAT EARTH ADDICT 66 : Moon Phases On Our Flat Earth by MOONRAKER

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The Moon and Sun are globe shaped.

The moon is always half lit. But we see its shadow at different angle each day. This makes the moon look different crescent shapes called the ‘Phases of the moon’.

The Moon circles the earth slower than the Sun. Thus, the Moon and Sun are constantly at different angles to each other…..thus, the shadow of the Moon changes it’s position each day.

So, when we look at the moon, we see it’s shadow at different angle each day. This causes the moon to look different to us each day, forming crescent shapes.

In this computer simulation, 2 computer ‘cameras’ were positioned at ground level to produce the 2 large size moons on the left and right corners.
The resulting images look similar to images photographed from earth!

The moon on the bottom left shows the moon that people see who live in the northern regions such as Canada, United States etc.
The moon in the bottom right corner shows the moon people would see in southern regions such as Australia, South Africa and such.

When the Moon is full in the north, it is a black (new moon) in the south. And vice versa.

No demo is complete without demonstrating the phases of the Sun and Moon… After all, isn’t this the biggest objection to the flat earth theory? So, my demo was designed to prove that moon phases are possible on a flat earth, and how they could be formed.

The Lunar cycle – I think 28.2 days. But, to simplify things I leave it at 28 days.

**** Specifications of the Sun and Moon- (approximate figures)
The Moon and Sun are 30 miles in diameter.
The Moon and the Sun are 2,500 miles above the earths flat surface.
The Moon and Sun travel in circles around the center of the earth. The center is the ‘North Pole’.

The Moon always travels from east to west in a clockwise motion, in a circle, around the flat earth. …. So does the Sun.

The circle that the Moon follows is 15,000 miles in circumference and latitude is 30 degrees north. The Moon travels the full circumference of it’s circle about 600 miles per hour… or once every 24 hours and 50 minutes.

The circle the sun travels is 24,000 miles in circumference. It’s aprox. latitude is 10 degrees north.
The sun travels the full circumference of it about 1000 miles per hour, or once every 24 hours.

These 2 circles of the Moon and Sun may change latitude according to the seasons, and may move north or south as much as 20 degrees … making it colder or hotter for winter and summer.

The Moon has two faces, it’s northern half and southern half. These stay constant at all times. The Moon never rotates. The north face of the Moon is magnetized and always faces the north pole. It ‘points’ towards the north pole like a compass needle.

So, people who live in the northern Regions like Canada, United States etc. always see the north side of the moon.
and people in the southern parts like South Africa, Brazil, Australia etc. always see the south side of the moon.

People in the southern regions of the earth are confused. The moon they see looks different then the moon people see in the northern regions……..Astronomers and ‘experts’ have calmed them down. They have told them that the moon they see is different because they see it ‘upside down’. ……but since people in the north never see the moon upside down their theory is disproved

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